Amsterdam Trip

On Tuesday (24.03) i will be taking a short trip to the Netherlands city of Amsterdam, a place i have always wanted to visit and now i get this opporunity, thinking recently to restart my street photography project and take it into a european city.

I will post photos on my blog when i return.

Arthrington Viaduct Photos

On Saturday I went on a meet with a few people from the Talk Photography Forum, we decided to go up to Arthrington Viaduct just outside of Otley for some sunset and long exposure night photography stuff.

Here are a few of my results.









TP Interim Meet Wharfedale 07.03.2015

This Evening i will be heading on a interim meet with the talk photography forum yorkshire group for a march interim meet up at Arthrington Viaduct in Wharfedale. Hoping to get some fantastic shots and do a spot of light painting and wire wool stuff too. A new location for me to tick off my list.

Keep a look out for the photos posted here and on my flickr stream.

Haworth & Bronte Falls

Yesterday afternoon i joined the Talk Photography forum yorkshire group on a meet in Bronte Country of Haworth, despite it being very cold, icy and foggy higher up we still enjoyed the company and i got a couple of good images worthy to share.

This was the steam train heading into Haworth Station as i arrived to meet the group, yet wasnt quick enough to get more shots of the train arriving.

Sunday Steam

Main St on a sunday afternoon in February, can still see the snow on the hills.

Sunday on Main Street

Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

An old wrecked barn building on route to Bronte Falls.

Do Not Enter

The Bronte Falls in B&W, thanks to tim for letting me use his tripod after i forgot my tripod head how silly of me.


Holbeck & New Dock 02.01.2015

Yesterday i went out in the afternoon with a photographer friend around the Holbeck area for a hour or two and took some photos of the area, graffiti and buildings etc, got a few good images and there was some fantastic light on the Bridgewater Place building as it was close to sunset. We then headed down to New Dock for a long exposure sunset photos, it was way too cold.

Sunset at New Dock

Holbeck Graffiti art1

Holbeck typography 1

Bridgewater Place Sunset 1

Candle House 1 #52weekproject

Cats eyes. #52weekproject


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Seasons Greetings all, I would like to take this moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year and all the best for 2015, thank you to all my blog followers and the support you gave me and especially the good luck messages ahead of my exhibition back in August. Here is to hoping 2015 will be even more successful and hopeful of more exhibitions in the future.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Light Painting at Roundhay Park 22/11/2014

On saturday (22/11) i joined up with some members of the Talk Photography forum for another meet and some more light painting experiments in a different location, Roundhay Park was my suggestion and there were a few added members that turned up who missed the previous months Brimham Rocks meet. I left earlier due to it being incredibly cold and windy.

Below are a few photos from the meet that i have processed and come out with.

Castle Wire Wool

Castle & Orb 1

Castle Light & Orb

Wire Wool Castle

Band Stand Light

Plans are in place for a general monthly meet, i am unable to make the christmas time meet but will join up in new year to go some exciting new places and learn some more techniques.

New Flickr Page

I have decided to do away with my previous flickr stream and create a new one as there were too many images to remove and sort out, so decided out with the old in with the new, you can find my new flickr here.