New Flickr Page

I have decided to do away with my previous flickr stream and create a new one as there were too many images to remove and sort out, so decided out with the old in with the new, you can find my new flickr here.

TP Brimham Rocks Light Painting Meet

I recently joined a photography forum called Talk Photography after my old college tutor suggested it to me previously when i went out to photograph the Leeds Light Night event.

On Saturday i joined up with a few members from the forum at Brimham Rocks and took part in a light painting session which proved very successful in terms of images.

Below are a few of the images i liked the most.

IMG_4293 IMG_4311 IMG_4316 IMG_4331 IMG_4334 IMG_4341

Leeds Light Night 2014

Hello All.

Last night i went into Leeds City centre for the annual Light Night event for a meet up with the Leeds Street Photography facebook group members, it was the first time i had been to this event as in previous years i was working so thought it would be a good opportunity to get some photos, unfortunately i didn’t have the best of evenings photo wise as the crowds were way too big in places, I do however have a couple to share.

ghost tram IMG_4238 IMG_4255

Busy image uploading and site changes

After some feedback during the exhibition and some visitors of this site i decided to make some layout changes including a whole new lighter theme as previous choice was too dark and unable to view some images on some occasions and also a new price list which now includes the option to digital downloads, and  in the past week i have taken my External hard drive out, changed the layout of the site and started uploading some new photos and some older ones i had not got round to yet, still a work in progress when time allows me.

I have also recovered my flickr account so will be sorting that out aswell and uploading there photos from events i have covered such as Varsity in 2012 and 2013 and the CRUK supporters conference. You can find my flickr profile here

I have also recently joined another group on facebook called “Leeds Street Photography” focusing on just the art of street photography in one location, this has given me idea to reboot my street photo project and join up on the upcoming meets.

That is all for now.

Keep checking back for latest news and updates

Successful exhibition

The Exhibition at the weekend was a success for all that were involved, some great images on show and plenty of people came down to view. I sold my 2 A4 prints that were on show and i was pretty happy that I have come out from it with sales and knowledge for the next time, I will be able to put more ideas out there at the next one.

Below are a few images from the weekend.

my exhibited images IMG_3695 public viewing

Strictly Yorkshire Exhibitionists group photo

Strictly Yorkshire Exhibitionists group photo

Exhibition in August

I am pleased to announce that on the weekend of 9th and 10th august, i will be participating in a Group photography exhibition “The Strictly Yorkshire” Group Exhibition 2014, it will be held at the Corn Exchange in Leeds and will celebrate photographs of life in God’s own county “Yorkshire”.

The Event will be free entry to all public, Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 1030am to 430pm.

Strictly Yorkshire Exhib Flyer1a

Also check out my website for some new stuff added recently been busy working on the exhibition stuff and flyers aswell as working and learning to drive.

Adel Dam Nature Reserve

On Wednesday I took a trip out to Golden Acre Park in Leeds, hidden within this park is a YWT(Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) Nature Reserve “Adel Dam”. Plenty of wild birds and other animals to have a look at, my main aim of this visit and for future visits is to complete a little goal i have and snap a photo of a kingfisher, this time i was unlucky not to see one but the practice in learning to shoot wild birds at speed is tough but is good to learn. 

I have a couple of images to share even though not fantastic as i wanted them to be, still willing to share regardless, I am intending on renting out a lens that is much bigger for me to be able to capture better shots.


IMG_3621 IMG_3561 magpie1


Hi all just a quick update on what has been happening lately, on the 9th and 10th August i will be part of a group Photography exhibition at the Corn Exchange in Leeds City Centre, this will be my first exhibition of my work.

This event is a group event from a group on facebook called “Strictly Yorkshire” and is based on “God’s Own County” itself, will feature many photographers from Amateur to Professionals and Hobbyists alike all having photographs in and around the County, home of the first two stages of the Tour De France (Grand Depart Yorkshire) 2014.

I will update this blog with more details in due course.

Clarence Dock Night Photos

Here are some edited photos from my night visit to Clarence dock in Leeds, as you can see its an interesting place to photograph both day and night and a popular spot for photographers. These can be seen here on my website.

Clarence_dock-1 Clarence_dock-2 Clarence_dock-3 Clarence_dock-4 Clarence_dock-5 Clarence_dock-6 Clarence_dock-7 Clarence_dock-8

Rebuilding my portfolio

Since the unfortunate accident with my hard drive decided to not work and cant be fixed, I lost quite a lot of my portfolio work, both what I had done whilst at University and in my own time since then, yes it was bad of me to only have one back up and I am paying the price for it now.

I have been working on rebuilding it first of all starting out with a new logo for my photography/design stuff and also a little bit of typography work.

Whilst my Camera is having its sensor cleaned and not back till friday it gives me time to focus on my design part of things.

Here are a few screens of what i’m working on.

logo capture matrix new york posterSome more ideas are coming to my mind regarding the logos but that is for me to work on.