Rebuilding my portfolio

Since the unfortunate accident with my hard drive decided to not work and cant be fixed, I lost quite a lot of my portfolio work, both what I had done whilst at University and in my own time since then, yes it was bad of me to only have one back up and I am paying the price for it now.

I have been working on rebuilding it first of all starting out with a new logo for my photography/design stuff and also a little bit of typography work.

Whilst my Camera is having its sensor cleaned and not back till friday it gives me time to focus on my design part of things.

Here are a few screens of what i’m working on.

logo capture matrix new york posterSome more ideas are coming to my mind regarding the logos but that is for me to work on.


Some Night Photography

Tonight I will be visiting clarence dock in Leeds for some Night photography with a friend who has just bought himself a DSLR, it will be my second attempt at some night photography so hoping to get myself some good shots I can sell.
Will keep you all updated on my progress, I need to start posting on this blog more as I have abandoned it a little of late but I will be posting more from now on. Below is a shot from my York visit.


Also on Wednesday I will be heading to a bands rehearsals to take some photos of them during that 2 hour slot, looking forward to trying to build up my portfolio more. I photographed them back in august at a gig at Brewdog.

Those delta wolves at brewdog

Those delta wolves at brewdog

Happy New Year for 2014

And so here is the end of another year and the brand new start of another. 2014…I would like to wish all my followers and subscribers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2014, may you have the best year yet and is filled with good things and less of the bad.

Happy New Year :)



Clarence Dock sunset

2013 in pictures.

2013 has been a indifferent year for me, had its ups and downs like every other year but things started to look up for a change, I got myself a new role at work as stock control assistant and also got out more with my camera and visited new places, got my website up and running and also had a little go at gig photography.

clarence dock mobile cases

Clarence Dock

I took this photo at clarence dock in Leeds just as the sun was setting back in april.

210413_Ribblehead_Falconry_Otley_0268 210413_Ribblehead_Falconry_Otley_0424 210413_Ribblehead_Falconry_Otley_0438



I also visited Settle Falconry centre and Ribbleshead Viaduct with a friend who has taught me a bit more on how to use my DSLR to its full advantage. Snaps of the Ribbleshead viaduct and of the eagles at the centre were shots from one of my best days. I even got to put the glove on for the barn owl to fly onto my arm.


Those delta wolves at brewdog

Those delta wolves at brewdog

Finally I travelled to York and had a go at Night photography, the photo of York Minster above is one of the photos i ended up with. And also I photographed Those Delta Wolves at Brewdog Leeds.

Finally would like to wish all my readers a happy new year and all the best for 2014.

Street Photography Project

I decided to focus myself on a little project today and the subject being Street Photography, one of my favourite subjects to photograph, especially when there is so much potential.

Using only my 50mm Lens I took myself to Leeds City centre to grab some photos and got some good results of the performing buskers and street scenes, the weather was nice, even had a conversation with one of the buskers.

Here are just a couple of photos i have quickly edited using camera raw as i always shoot RAW.




For this weeks challenge is a great subject purely as photographers like to try creative depth of field and bokeh as it is known.

One of my favourite photos using this creative point is from my visit to the German christmas market in Leeds back in December( I understand that was 6 months ago), but i do love these photos, especially as I was using my 50mm Lens for the first time.

german market 1 IMG_0320 IMG_0321and most recently on a visit to Kirkstall Abbey, some spring Daffodils with some background blur. It was a nice sunny but windy day.

Day 2-365

Day 2-365